How to get a job as an agency nurse

By Rachel Lamb . 07/10/2022 · 5 Minute read

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How to get a job as an agency nurse

Are you passionate about nursing but feel constantly deflated by the low pay, unsociable hours, and poor work-life balance? You’re not alone. 

Research shows that the NHS is currently facing a 9% increase in nursing staff shortages; a number that reflects the general feeling amongst overworked and underpaid Nurses throughout the UK. 

Thankfully, there is an alternative route to long hours, burn out, and salary woes. At Your World, we specialise in agency nursing, providing Nurses and Healthcare Assistants with high-quality locum shifts in NHS Trusts nationwide.

What exactly is agency nursing though?

Due to staff shortages, NHS Trusts are constantly in need of new Nurses and healthcare staff to fill their vacancies and help to meet demand. In the first instance, Trusts will always look to their own permanent staff or staff banks to cover the role, but if no suitable candidate can be found, outsourcing to an agency is the next best thing. 

The agency will approach one of their suitable Nurses, who will take on the role temporarily. 

Tip: For the best chance of finding locum work, Nurses should always register with a reputable agency.

The benefits

One of the most appealing aspects of an agency career is, of course, the pay. Locum workers are paid a daily or hourly rate for each shift instead of a contracted annual salary by one employer. Pay rates for locum shifts are typically higher than full time jobs, with agency Nurses earning an average of 35.5% more than Nurses working on a permanent basis. 

You can even choose how often you get paid. At Your World, we offer both a daily and weekly payroll, giving you complete control over your finances - no more budgeting until the end of the month!

As an agency Nurse, you’ll also have the power to choose when and where you work, giving you more flexibility over your career and a better work-life balance. So, whether you want to spend more time travelling the world, caring for your family, or perfecting a hobby, the time is 100% yours to manage. 

The drawbacks

There’s no denying that agency nursing is a great career path for Nurses who want higher pay, less stress, flexible hours, and more financial control. However, it’s important to also highlight the aspects of agency nursing that can be considered less advantageous to permanent roles. 

Firstly, agency nursing is less stable and predictable than full-time NHS Nurse jobs. There are no guaranteed hours, which means fixed nursing salaries aren’t guaranteed either. 

Secondly, agency Nurses often don’t receive the same level of high praise that permanent workers do because they cost the NHS significantly more to employ, but agency staff are bridging an important gap between staff shortages and wait times. Agency Nurses are equally passionate about providing high-quality patient care as any other healthcare professionals.

Choosing the best agency for you

Okay, so now you know the ins and outs of locum nursing, it’s time to choose your agency. Be sure to look out for recruitment agencies with the following criteria:

  • Highly trained, specialist nursing recruitment consultants with years of experience
  • A broad range of positions, including mental health nursing and community nursing
  • A commitment to compliance - compliant agencies are more trustworthy
  • NHS-approved framework memberships - Your World Healthcare is one of the only agencies to be a member of all major frameworks throughout the entire UK
  • Free uniforms - these will show the agency you work for
  • Internal training and continued professional development
  • A revalidation service to ensure you’re able to take on new roles
  • An international recruitment service
  • Daily or weekly payroll
  • A loyalty programme designed specifically for agency Nurses

Starting agency work

To become an agency Nurse, you’ll need to register with your agency of choice. At Your World Healthcare, we have a simple sign-up form that directs your CV to the right team. 

If your CV is up-to-scratch, our friendly nursing experts will be in touch to take you through the next steps in the recruitment process, which will include ensuring you’re qualified and safe to work in NHS nursing jobs, before getting to know your career goals and requirements.

Before you know it, you’ll be a fully fledged Your World Nurse. Who knows, you might even be the lucky winner of our monthly Your Loyalty prize draw! Previous winners have received trips abroad, spa breaks, luxury shopping sprees, and more. 


Ready to begin your agency career? View Your World’s current roles and start applying!

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