Your pay

We want to make getting paid as easy as possible! Explore the payment options we offer below to work out what's best for you.

Your options

Your options are typically:

  1. To be paid directly by Your World via our daily payroll
  2. Provide your services through an umbrella payroll company that will charge you a weekly fee
  3. Provide your services through your own Personal Services Company (limited company)

Depending on the nature of the assignment, and in some instances at the direction of the end client, options 2. and 3. may not always be available.

We want to be as transparent as possible regarding your options; please see the links below to ‘Further information’ and ‘Key Information Documents’.

Your World operates a daily payroll throughout the year for candidates paid directly by Your World. This payment is direct to your account and gives you peace of mind that your tax affairs are being dealt with safely and in a straightforward way.

If you wish to be paid by an umbrella company, they will control the timing of payments, and it is your responsibility to ensure your tax affairs are being dealt with appropriately.

Your World has shortlisted a selection of umbrella companies that many of our candidates have given us positive feedback about.

Numbermill Ltd.
Tel: 0333 121 2001

Tel: 01923 257257

Sapphire Accounting
Tel: 01625 539 997

Pendragon Consultancy Ltd.
Tel: 01992 267 067

ForeTwo Group
Tel: 0808 196 9601

Tel: 0207 231 0349 

Candidate communications

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Key information documents

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HMRC information links

Below are important links for your consideration regarding information and advice from HMRC.

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HMRC guidance on claiming tax relief on your job expenses

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Pension contributions

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Tax avoidance – don't get caught out

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HMRC guidance on what to expect from an umbrella company

Working through an umbrella company

HMRC published list of promoters of tax avoidance schemes (identified by HMRC to date)

Current list of named tax avoidance schemes, promoters, enablers and suppliers

HMRC factsheet on the loan charge

Loan charge fact sheet

Further information

Click on the links below to view further information we have available for your convenience

Guidance from the FCSA on umbrella companies

FCSA guide to how umbrella companies work

Guidance from the Low Incomes Tax Reform Group

Search | Low Incomes Tax Reform Group

PAYE – gross to net calculator

UK PAYE salary tax calculator

Umbrella – gross to net calculator

Take-home umbrella company tax calculator 2023/2024

Check your payslip service from FCSA

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