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Discover the vital role of Podiatry in foot health and mobility. Your World offers rewarding podiatry jobs for a fulfilling career.

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If you’re looking for jobs in podiatry, including podiatry assistant jobs, Your World is the perfect place to come to. We have a variety of positions ranging from vacancies in a hospital setting, GP surgery and in a private practice. Not only do our opportunities go across a range of settings, but you can also find them in a variety of locations spanning across the UK.

What is Podiatry?

Podiatry (formally known as chiropody) is the care of feet and the lower limbs. The job of a podiatrist (or chiropodist) is to correct and prevent deformities, as well as provide methods to relieve pain and treat infections. They will advise patients on the types of shoes to wear and can provide tailor-made insoles to correct problems such as flat feet and heel pain. In addition to helping people with support methods, podiatrists also help with issues to do with the skin and nails on your feet, for example, ingrown nails or cracked heels.

As a podiatrist works with the public and often within a team, it is important for them to have great communication skills and a caring nature.

What Can a Podiatrist Earn?

A podiatrist's salary falls in line with the NHS pay structure. Therefore, a newly qualified podiatrist can expect to earn upwards of £22,128 a year and, with more experience, can earn as much as £41,787. If a podiatrist becomes a consultant, it is possible to earn more than this.

Do you wish you had more flexibility over your hours to enable a better social life? You might be interested in one of our podiatry locum jobs.

Locum Podiatry Jobs

As a locum podiatrist, you can select when and where you work to suit your needs. This means that you can fit work around your social life, as opposed to fitting your social life around work. If you’re someone who likes to explore new places, locums also have the freedom to work in different locations.

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