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As the leading radiography agency in the UK, Your World has the pick of radiographer and sonographer jobs for our candidates.

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As the number one supplier of radiographers in the UK, Your World has the pick of radiographer jobs for our candidates.

Our specialist radiography recruitment consultants have established a reputation for placing high-quality candidates in a wide range of diagnostic and therapy vacancies across the UK, in both the NHS and the private sector. We offer radiographer or sonographer jobs in areas specialising in fields such as MRI, CT, general and radiotherapy on a locum or permanent basis.

What is a Radiographer?

Radiography plays an essential role within the wider diagnostic healthcare team, using highly technical equipment to take detailed images of the insides of patients' bodies to help accurately diagnose and treat ill or injured people.

Specialisms within Radiography:

Diagnostic Radiography: Imagine being the one to capture the images that unravel the mysteries of the human body. Diagnostic radiographers use various techniques, from X-rays to MRIs and ultrasounds, to peek inside the body and help diagnose what ails it. Its role blends technology with patient care, requiring technical skill and a compassionate touch. Diagnostic Radiography Jobs

Therapeutic Radiography (Radiotherapy): For those drawn to the fight against cancer, therapeutic radiography offers a front-line role. Using precision and care, therapeutic radiographers target cancerous cells with ionising radiation, which is crucial in patients' treatment plans. It's a career that demands a mix of scientific understanding and the ability to provide hope and support. Therapeutic Radiography Jobs

CT Radiography: Specialising in CT (Computed Tomography), radiography means mastering the art and science of obtaining cross-sectional images of the body. CT radiographers are experts in using advanced imaging technology to aid in diagnosing various conditions, from acute injuries to complex diseases. This role combines technical skills with patient care as you guide individuals through scanning, ensuring their comfort and safety. It's a career that places you at the forefront of diagnostic imaging, offering a unique blend of challenges and rewards as you contribute to critical healthcare decisions. CT Radiography Jobs

Sonography: If using sound waves to explore the body's inner workings fascinates you, then sonography could be your calling. Specialising in obstetrics or musculoskeletal imaging, sonographers provide crucial insights into our health, from the joy of prenatal scans to diagnosing various conditions. Sonography Jobs

Interventional Radiography: Those who relish being part of action-packed, life-saving procedures might find their niche in interventional radiography. This specialisation concerns minimally invasive techniques, guiding treatments that once required open surgery. It's a role that combines high-tech skills with the thrill of making an immediate impact on patient outcomes. Interventional Radiography Jobs

Paediatric Radiography: With a particular focus on the youngest patients, paediatric radiographers tailor their approach to meet the needs of children. This role requires technical expertise and a knack for communicating with and comforting young patients and their families, making their experience as stress-free as possible. Paediatric Radiography Jobs

Nuclear Medicine: For those intrigued by using radioactive substances to diagnose and treat diseases, nuclear medicine offers a unique intersection of chemistry, physics, and medicine. It's a specialisation where you can see the direct impact of your work on patient treatment and diagnosis. Nuclear Medicine Jobs

Mammography: Specialising in mammography allows radiographers to play a crucial role in breast cancer detection and care. It's a field that combines technical precision with the opportunity to support women through screening and diagnostic processes, contributing to potentially life-saving outcomes. Mammography Jobs

Around 90% of Radiographers work in the NHS, the remainder for independent hospitals and clinics or in research and development-based roles at universities.

What Does a Radiographer Earn?

Newly qualified Radiographers can expect a basic salary of between £21,692 and £28,180 per annum. However, there are plenty of progression opportunities, and an experienced radiographer can earn up to £35,000 a year, while those at the highest level of clinical practice may earn up to £68,000.

To practice as a diagnostic or therapeutic radiographer, you must be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), the regulating body of radiographers. To register, an undergraduate or postgraduate degree/diploma is required.

Those considering radiography jobs should enjoy meeting new people. As the role involves working closely with patients, communication and 'people skills' will be highly valued. Radiography requires understanding and operating cutting-edge technology, so interest and ability in science are a must, as is the ability to think quickly and proactively in high-pressure situations.

Just be aware that a career in this area could mean working shifts and unsociable hours. However, locum work may offer more control over working patterns for many healthcare professionals.

Locum Radiography jobs

A locum radiography job could be an excellent move for your career or provide an opportunity to see whether you want to pursue a permanent role in this specialism. As a locum radiographer, you will cover a position left temporarily vacant (whether by sickness, leave or other reasons), and it could see you working in various work environments and specialist areas that you may not otherwise get to experience.

Locum radiography jobs give you the independence to work when and where you choose, and provided that you'll be working fewer hours, you could also find more time to complete any studies. Locum staff often earn a higher pay rate, although this should be weighed against job insecurity and the fact that you won't be entitled to sick pay, a pension or maternity benefits.

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Whether you're new to the field or seeking a change, Your World is the radiography agency that can connect you with the best locum radiography jobs in the UK. We help you find the right job for your skills and goals, whether it's a permanent position or temporary work.