Rewarding Loyalty

There are multiple ways to win


Reach your milestones with us and receive GUARANTEED bonuses.

Random acts of


Find yourself nominated by our staff for your hard work to win entries.


Prize Draw

Work 40 hours in a month to be entered. Further entries based on more work

Milestone rewards

Our new rewards offering where your hours GUARANTEE you prizes!

All you need to do is reach these milestones working with us in a calendar year and the prizes stack up for you. The more hours you work, the more prizes you get.

Milestone One

100 Hours

Work 100 hours with us and gain 5 entries into our Monthly Prize Draw

Milestone Two

500 Hours

Work 500 hours with us and gain 10 entries into our Monthly Prize Draw

Milestone Three

1000 Hours

Work 1000 hours with us and claim a £10 gift voucher of your choice

Milestone Four

1500 Hours

Work 1500 hours with us and claim a £25 gift voucher of your choice

Milestone Five

2000 Hours

Work 2000 hours with us and claim a £50 gift voucher of your choice

Please note: All Milestones must be hit within the same calendar year

Random Acts of


Acknowledging Hard Work

Each month, deserving candidates are chosen for special gifts to brighten their day and acknowledge their hard work.

But it's more than just rewards

it's a cornerstone of our culture, fostering compassion and building meaningful connections.

Monthly Prize Draw

A good old-fashioned raffle each month for our working candidates to participate in. Tickets for the draw are obtained by qualifying with the below:

40 Hours

First Entry

After working 40 hours in a month with us, you gain your first ticket into the monthly Your Loyalty prize draw.

8 Extra

Work hours

Work an extra 8 hours per month to earn more tickets. The more tickets you earn, the higher your chances of winning prizes.

Look out for other ways one-off ways to gain entries through the year, such as reviews, social media interaction, referrals and more!

Prizes for the monthly prize draw vary. From luxury hampers, experience days to weekend trips away.

Previous Winners

From gift vouchers to spa weekends


  • Emily has been absolutely wonderful to me! I couldn’t have asked for a better agent to support me through locuming.Emily has a great ability to listen to your needs and always finds you the best possible job roles. She is very empathetic and listens to any concerns you may have.Many thanks, Emily, you have been BRILLIANT to me, and I hope I will have the chance to work with you again in the future!”

    Eleni - Band 6 Physiotherapist

  • Your World is one of the best Nursing Agencies in the UK!My consultant, Tommy Vale, is fabulous and patient. He listens to your wants and needs and books the shifts at your preferred location of work.The whole team at Your World are really friendly and approachable! I will always recommend Your World to my friends who are looking for work.

    Linnet - Registered General Nurse

  • I believe you have been very consistent in giving me regular updates. Your responses are very quick, which is really reassuring.I wanted to say a massive thank you for all your support over the last month. I’m really grateful for your efforts and input in my search for employment.

    Peggy - Occupational Therapist