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What is Admin and Clerical?   

Admin and Clerical roles play a vital behind-the-scenes role in the healthcare sector, ensuring smooth operations and efficient patient care. From managing appointments to handling records, these professionals are essential for keeping healthcare facilities running seamlessly.

The Vital Role of Admin and Clerical in UK Healthcare  

Admin and Clerical professionals provide essential support to healthcare teams, enabling them to focus on patient care. Their organisational skills and attention to detail contribute significantly to the efficient functioning of healthcare facilities.

Qualifications and Training   

Entry requirements for Admin and Clerical roles can vary, but typically a good standard of education is required. Relevant training, such as courses in office administration or medical terminology, can be advantageous.

Roles and Responsibilities   

Admin and Clerical roles encompass a wide range of responsibilities, including appointment scheduling, managing patient records, billing, data entry, and providing general administrative support to healthcare teams.

Skills and Attributes   

Strong organisational skills, attention to detail, effective communication, and multitasking ability are key attributes for success in these roles. Proficiency in relevant software applications and the ability to handle sensitive information with confidentiality are also essential.

Various Admin and Clerical Jobs 

  •  Medical Secretary: Handling patient appointments, managing correspondence, and maintaining records.
  •  Administrative Assistant: Providing general administrative support, managing files, and assisting with day-to-day tasks.
  •  Data Entry Clerk: Inputting and updating patient information accurately and efficiently.
  •  Billing Specialist: Managing billing processes, insurance claims, and financial records.

Embark on a Fulfilling Career in Admin and Clerical   

A career in Admin and Clerical roles offer the opportunity to contribute significantly to the healthcare sector while working in a dynamic and fast-paced environment. Your efforts play a vital role in supporting patient care.

Typical Salary for Admin and Clerical in the UK   

Salaries for Admin and Clerical roles in healthcare vary based on the specific position, experience, and location. In the UK, the average annual salary for these roles typically ranges from £18,000 to £30,000, depending on factors like skill level and location.

Working as a Locum Admin and Clerical

Locum Admin and Clerical roles offer an excellent option for those seeking flexibility. As a locum, you can cover temporary vacancies in different healthcare settings, gain valuable experience, and earn competitive rates.

Your World - Your Partner in Admin and Clerical Roles   

At Your World, we understand the significance of Admin and Clerical roles in the healthcare sector. We are committed to connecting talented professionals with rewarding opportunities contributing to the smooth functioning of healthcare facilities across the UK.