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Speech and Language

Specialised Speech & Language Therapy recruiter for locum and permanent job vacancies. Jobs for Speech & Language Therapists in NHS and Private Sector. Superior recruitment services for Speech & Language Therapy, SLT jobs, SALT jobs, career advice, resources & motivation on job opportunities, introductions and reputations, including: ►Speech & Language Therapy Temporary Staffing ►Speech & Language Therapy Permanent Staffing ►Recruiting Speech & Language Therapist Staff ►Speech & Language Therapy Recruitment Services ►Speech & Language Therapy Jobs ►SLT Jobs/SALT Jobs ►Building an Occupational Therapy Career ►Speech & Language Therapy Recruiter Locum and Permanent Job Specialities: SLT, SALT, Speech & Language Therapy, Speech & Language Therapists, Allied Health Care Professionals, NHS, Council, Schools, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, College, Academy, Academies, Clinics, Early Years, Neonatal, Private, AHP, Social Services, SS, Council, Mental Health, Learning Disabilities, Stroke, Neuro, Paediatric, Surgical, General Medicine, Dysphagia, Swallowing, Videofluoroscopy, VF, Video, Trachea, Head & Neck Cancer, Oncology, FEES, Fibreoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing, Autism, AAC, SLI, Stammering, Stuttering, Cleft Palette, Hearing Impairment, Cochlear Implants, Elderly Care, Dementia, ADOS, SEN, Special Schools, Mainstream Schools, Deafness, Voice, Nurseries, Community, Inpatient, Outpatient, Acute, Rehab, Locum, Permanent Recruitment.

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