Pre-Assessment Nurse Jobs & Recruitment in the UK

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What is a Pre-Assessment Nurse? 

Pre-Assessment Nurses are specialist nurses who provide focused care to patients before surgery or medical procedures. They make sure patients are properly assessed, prepared, and comfortable before going into theatre.

The role of a Pre-Assessment Nurse in UK healthcare 

Before patients can be admitted into theatre for an operation or procedure, they must be given a proper medical assessment to ensure they are fit and well for surgery. Pre-assessment Nurses welcome patients and complete the assessment, which will include recording the patient's medical history, asking a few general well-being questions, and noting their vitals, such as blood pressure, height, weight, and temperature etc. 

Once the patient has been assessed, the Pre-assessment Nurse will communicate regularly with the patient, ensuring they are comfortable and know what to expect from their surgery. 

Qualifications and training 

The journey to becoming a Pre-assessment Nurse in the UK begins with earning an NMC-approved degree in general nursing. Once completed, a full registration with the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) is required, followed by specialist training in pre-assessment nursing. The training will include modules on pre-assessment procedures, patient evaluation, and medical history review. 

Key duties and responsibilities 

Pre-assessment Nurses are responsible for evaluating patients' health, medical history, and current conditions to identify potential risks during surgery. They liaise with surgeons, anaesthetists, and other healthcare providers to ensure a smooth and safe patient journey.

On a daily basis, Pre-assessment Nurses may perform the following duties:

  1. Reviewing patients' medical history, current medications, allergies, and any relevant medical conditions. They may also assess patients' physical health, vital signs (such as blood pressure, heart rate, and respiratory rate), and overall well-being.

  2. Ordering and coordinating various preoperative tests, such as blood tests, imaging studies, electrocardiograms (ECGs), and pulmonary function tests

  3. Evaluating patients' risk factors and potential complications associated with the planned procedure

  4. Explaining the details of the upcoming procedure to patients, including what to expect before, during, and after

  5. Giving emotional support to patients who may be anxious or stressed about their surgery, as well as answering any questions they may have

  6. Recording all relevant patient information, assessments, test results, and discussions. This information serves as a reference for the surgical and anaesthesia teams.

  7. Liasing between the patient, surgical team, anaesthetists, and other healthcare professionals involved in the patient's care

  8. Providing guidelines on preoperative hygiene and dressing instructions, as well as assisting with the insertion of intravenous lines if necessary

  9. Ensuring that patients have provided informed consent for the procedure. This involves explaining the risks, benefits, and alternatives of the procedure to the patient and documenting their consent.

Skills and attributes 

Successful Pre-Assessment Nurses have excellent communication and interpersonal skills and must be able to interact with patients, families, and medical teams clearly and confidently. They must also be detail-oriented, critical thinkers, and able to make quick and accurate assessments.

Settings for Pre-Assessment Nurse jobs

Pre-Assessment Nurses play a crucial role in preparing patients for surgical procedures. They work in a wide variety of different healthcare settings, including hospitals, surgical centres, and clinics. 

Working as a locum Pre-Assessment Nurse 

As a locum Pre-Assessment Nurse, you have the freedom to choose your assignments and gain valuable experience by working in various healthcare facilities. You'll still perform the same duties as a permanent worker, but instead of working for a single employer, you'll have the option to take on temporary shifts at a time and place that works for your personal circumstances.

Benefits of locum work 

Locum Pre-Assessment Nurses enjoy competitive pay rates, the opportunity to travel, and the chance to work with a diverse range of patients. Locum assignments provide valuable learning experiences and the opportunity to develop specialist skills.

Typical salary for a Pre-Assessment Nurse in the UK 

Salaries for Pre-Assessment Nurses in the UK vary based on experience, location, and employer. Pre-Assessment Nurses can typically earn between £25,000 and £40,000 per year. However, NHS workers will be paid in line with the Agenda for Change (AfC) banding system, which determines a nurse's salary based on their experience and seniority.

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