5 ways you can celebrate International Nurses’ Day

By Rachel Lamb . 09/05/2023 · 4 Minute read

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May 12 is the annual marker for International Nurses’ Day, a day of the year dedicated to the incredible people who provide so much more than just healthcare to their patients. 

To be a nurse, you have to be cut from a special cloth. Not only do you need the technical knowledge and skill to carry out essential duties and daily care, but you also need to be a people-person who can provide a friendly, comforting approach to each patient.

So, with all they do for us, finding the right way to say thank you to our Nurses can seem like an impossible task. To help you, we’ve come up with 5 great ways you can celebrate International Nurses’ Day. 

Support a charity for Nurses in need

Nurses may be superheroes at work, but they are also real people with real problems of their own. The pressure of such a difficult job combined with everyday life challenges can become a major strain on Nurses, which is why charities like the RCN Foundation and Cavell Nurses’ Trust have been set up. 

A donation to one of these charities could make a huge impact on the burden our Nurses carry. 

Buy a book written by a nurse

There are so many incredible reads out there that have been written by Nurses. Most of them detail career hardships, personal challenges, and inspirational chapters of their lives. Reading a book that gives first-hand accounts of nurse experiences is the best way to understand just how hard they work and the sacrifices they have to make for their life-saving roles.

Some great options include:

The Language of Kindness - Christie Watson

The Courage to Care - Christie Watson
I wasn’t like this when I started out - Lee Gutkind
Confessions of a Community Nurse - Lucy Spencer

Did you know that one of our very own recently retired candidates, Kerina Harrington, has also written a book on her experiences in the world of nursing. You can purchase a copy of her autobiography here.

Help a nurse out

Do you live with or next door to a nurse? Are there Nurses in your family or friendship groups? Why not show how much you appreciate everything they do for their community with small meaningful gestures? Batch-cook some meals for them to store in the freezer, bake them a special cake, or even offer to fetch them some shopping. 

However small, any gesture will no doubt be greatly appreciated by your recipient nurse!

Write a letter of thanks to a nurse who has helped you

Nurses love connecting with patients - it’s one of the most rewarding parts of their job. If a nurse has made a big impact on your healthcare experience, why not let them know with a hand-written letter? 

Not only are letters great keepsakes but they provide much-needed motivation on challenging days. You never know, your kind words might just end up brightening a nurse’s days for years to come.

Encourage kindness towards Nurses and healthcare professionals

Like all people, Nurses don’t take kindly to abusive or unkind behaviour. Unfortunately, they are exposed to it more frequently than ever, which is why playing your part in eliminating verbal abuse towards healthcare staff is essential.

If you are currently undergoing treatment in a hospital or healthcare facility, or you know someone who is, please promote kindness, compassion, and empathy. Nurses work extremely hard in challenging conditions, so a little kindness and a few words of encouragement will really go a long way. 

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