Paediatric Nurse Jobs & Recruitment in the UK

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What is a Paediatric Nurse? 

Paediatric Nurses specialise in providing care and support to infants, children, and adolescents. Their work promotes children's health, provides medical treatments, and ensures the well-being of young patients during hospital stays.

The importance of Paediatric Nurses in child health 

Paediatric Nurses have a wide range of specialist skills that are key to caring for young patients. Due to their age, infants, children, and adolescents are unable to communicate their symptoms or pain levels in the same way as adults, so Paediatric Nurses must use all their skills to understand what's wrong and to determine an appropriate care plan. They also need to work closely with the parents or family members of patients, keeping them updated and supported throughout the child's care journey. 

Qualifications for Paediatric Nurses 

To become a Paediatric Nurse, you must hold an NMC-approved nursing degree, which can be completed at multiple universities throughout the UK. On completion of a degree programme,  additional training in paediatrics is available to become a fully qualified Children's Nurse.

Types of Paediatric Nurse jobs 

Paediatric Nurses have diverse roles, including:

  •  General Paediatric Nurse: Providing primary care to children with various medical conditions and ensuring their comfort and well-being.
  •  Paediatric Intensive Care Nurse: Specialising in critical care and supporting seriously ill children in intensive care units.

Working as a locum Paediatric Nurse

Looking for a more flexible and diverse working life? As a locum Paediatric Nurse, you can cover temporary vacancies in different healthcare settings, gaining exposure to various paediatric specialties and working at a time and place that suits you. 

Benefits of locum work

Working as a locum Paediatric Nurse allows you to:

  • Experience different healthcare environments and patient populations
  • Enhance your skills and knowledge through varied experiences
  • Enjoy greater control over your working schedule

Typical salary for Paediatric Nurses in the UK 

Paediatric nurse salaries depend on experience and location. On average, they earn between £25,000 and £35,000 per year. Nurses working for the NHS can expect to be placed at a salary 'band' as part of the Agenda for Change (AfC) system. This banding system determines salaries based on the nurse's level of experience and seniority. Paediatric Nurses typically begin their career at Band 5.

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