Why Every Company Needs a Harriet

By Rachel Lamb . 20/01/2017 · 2 Minute read

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Finding a new job can be a stressful experience, even for career pros who have been through the application/interviewing process multiple times. Regardless of how many interviews you’ve had or jobs you’ve been offered, meeting a potential employer is nerve-wracking. After all, they’re literally judging everything about you, from your presentation to your personality and professional skills! And let’s face it, being judged by someone you hardly know is kind of intimidating…

Enter Harriet Lawrence, our Head of Talent. Harriet does more than source great additions for our dynamic team. She’s the friendly face who guides potential employees through our entire application process, from that first initial phone call to their first day of a new career with us.

Harriet is the difference between an intimidating interview, leaving you wracked with nerves and a friendly, professional discussion with someone familiar that fills you with positive career vibes.

What makes Harriet so good at her job? She’s been there, she’s done it, she’s got the Recruiter t-shirt. It turned out that Harriet’s skills were better suited to recruiting recruiters (go figure!) so we gave her the opportunity to move into a different role (as we so often do for our staff if that’s where their skills are best used).

These days, you’ll find her exploring the best talent within the recruitment industry and spreading the word about the fantastic opportunities within our unique and vibrant family, which come with exciting benefits, impressive salaries and uncapped commission earning potential!

Like the sound of working with Your World? Why not make that initial call today or send Harriet an email – you never know where it could take you!

(Did we mention that we are shortlisted for Best Recruitment Company to Work for 2017 and Most Effective Pay and Benefits Strategy 2017?)

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