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What is a Scrub Nurse? 

A Scrub Nurse is a specialist healthcare professional who works as part of a surgical team. They are responsible for maintaining a sterile environment during surgical procedures, passing instruments to the surgeon, and assisting in various aspects of the operation.

The role of Scrub Nurses in UK healthcare 

Scrub Nurses are key members of the surgical team. They ensure that surgeries are conducted in a safe and sterile environment. According to a study by the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS), having Scrub Nurses in operating rooms has led to a 25% reduction in surgical site infections, which dramatically improves surgery success rates. 

Qualifications and training 

Becoming a Scrub Nurse in the UK requires relevant nursing training from an NMC-approved programme (or approved international programme), as well as registration with the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC). Specialised training in perioperative nursing is then required to work as a Scrub Nurse in surgical settings.

Key responsibilities 

Scrub Nurses have a wide range of daily responsibilities. Some of the main duties for a Scrub Nurse include:

  1. Setting up the operating room by arranging sterile instruments, draping the patient, and ensuring that all necessary equipment and supplies are readily available.

  2. Adhering to strict sterile techniques while preparing and handling instruments and supplies to prevent contamination and reduce the risk of surgical site infections.

  3. Assisting the surgeon and other members of the surgical team with changing into sterile gowns and gloves, ensuring they are fully ready for surgery to begin.

  4. Anticipating the surgeon's needs and handing them the appropriate instruments and equipment as requested.

  5. Counting surgical instruments and supplies to ensure that no items are left inside the patient's body and that everything is accounted for.

  6. Assisting the surgeon by holding tissue retractors, suctioning fluids, cutting sutures, and applying hemostatic agents as directed.

  7. Observing the sterile environment and monitoring for any breaches in sterilisation, notifying the surgical team if contamination is suspected.

  8. Communicating with other members of the surgical team and wider healthcare teams to ensure smooth coordination of the procedure and post-operative care.

  9. Maintaining accurate records of instrument counts, surgical supplies used, and any unexpected events.

  10. Managing surgical equipment, such as lights, cameras, and monitors during procedures.

  11. Cleaning and organising the operating room post-surgery, disposing of used supplies, and preparing for the next procedure.

  12. Staying updated on the latest surgical techniques, instruments, procedures, and best practices.

Skills and attributes

Scrub Nurses must be able to maintain a sterile field and follow strict infection control protocols. Their ability to think on their feet and anticipate the surgical team's needs is essential. They also need strong communication skills to coordinate with the surgical team effectively. As with any surgical role, difficult circumstances may arise, so the ability to handle high-pressure situations and remain focused during surgeries is an invaluable skill. 

Scrub Nurse specialties

Some examples of specialist Scrub Nurse job roles include:

  • General Surgery Scrub Nurse: Assisting in different surgical procedures, such as abdominal surgeries and appendectomies.
  •  Orthopaedic Scrub Nurse: Specialising in orthopaedic surgeries, including joint replacements and fracture repairs.
  •  Cardiothoracic Scrub Nurse: Assisting in heart and lung surgeries, such as bypass procedures and valve replacements.

Typical Salary for Scrub Nurses in the UK

According to the Royal College of Nursing (RCN), the average salary for a Scrub Nurse in the UK is around £31,365 to £37,890 per year, depending on experience and location. NHS Scrub Nurses will be paid in line with the Agenda for Change (AfC) banding scale, which determines a healthcare professional's a salary based on their level of experience and seniority. Private employers may offer different pay rates to the NHS. 

Working as a locum Scrub Nurse 

Working as a locum gives Scrub Nurses the exciting opportunity to be part of diverse surgical teams in multiple healthcare settings. Your expertise in assisting during surgeries, maintaining a sterile environment, and ensuring patient safety will be highly valued. As a locum Scrub Nurse, you'll be able to choose assignments that align with your lifestyle and schedule, gaining valuable experience and exposure to different specialties. 

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