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What is a Health Visitor? 

Health Visitors provide essential care and unwavering family support to patients of all ages. From prenatal advice to postnatal care, they play a crucial role in ensuring the well-being of both parents and children, offering expert guidance and assistance.

The role of Health Visitors

Health Visitors focus on supporting families during pregnancy and early childhood. Their daily duties include:

Child development and parenting support: Monitoring the growth and development of young children, offering guidance and advice to parents and caregivers on topics such as feeding, sleep, immunisations, and early childhood milestones.

Antenatal and postnatal support: Supporting expectant mothers during pregnancy, offering information on prenatal care, childbirth, and preparing for the arrival of the baby. After childbirth, health visitors continue to provide guidance on postnatal care, breastfeeding, and addressing any concerns or challenges.

Health promotion and education: Educating families and communities about healthy lifestyles, disease prevention, and the importance of nutrition, hygiene, and exercise.

Vaccinations & immunisations: Giving appropriate vaccinations according to recommended schedules, helping to protect patients from various preventable diseases.

Early detection: Identifying early signs of health or developmental problems in children, such as speech delays, motor skill issues, or behavioural concerns.

Assessment and screening: Conducting assessments and screenings to identify any risks or vulnerabilities in children and families, such as identifying families in need of additional support or those facing social, economic, or housing challenges.

Supporting vulnerable populations: Working with families facing complex challenges such as poverty, domestic violence, substance abuse, or mental health issues. 

Community advocacy: Advocating for the health needs of their communities, collaborating with local organisations, schools, and other healthcare providers to ensure families have access to necessary services and support.

Home visits: Conducting home visits where they can assess the family's environment, offer tailored advice, and build strong relationships with parents and caregivers.

Referral to specialist services: Referring families to appropriate specialists, therapists, or support services for further evaluation and intervention.

Record-taking & reporting: Maintaining accurate records and reporting data on child health and development to contribute to public health initiatives and policy planning.

Types of Health Visitor jobs

 There are a variety of jobs in the health visitor field, including:

  •  Community Health Visitors: Establishing solid relationships with families, offering personalised care in homes or local community clinics
  •  Specialist Health Visitors: Experts in child development, mental health, and special needs, providing tailored care to meet specific needs

What salary does a Health Visitor earn?

On average, Health Visitors in the UK earn around £31,000 to £37,000 per year. However, Health Visitors working for the NHS will be paid in line with the Agenda for Change (AfC) banding system, which bases salaries on each worker's level of experience and seniority within the the organisation. Health Visitors will typically start their career at Band 6. 

Explore the flexibility of locum Health Visitor jobs

Looking for a more flexible and diverse working life? Locum Health Visitor jobs an excellent way to travel the country and experience different working environments without compromising your salary. As a locum Health Visitor, you can cover temporary vacancies in various settings and specialties, with the freedom to choose your working hours and the ability to earn higher rates of pay. 

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