Why we Love Irish SLTs

Rachel Lamb . 15/08/2016 · 1 Minute read

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As the largest method of communication, speaking, as well as the ability to understand and process language, is crucial to human development. However, not everyone has the capacity to use sounds and language to convey their thoughts. For many people, what comes simply and naturally to others is a daily struggle for a variety of reasons. Difficulty communicating can affect humans in ways that also affects their mental health and social life, which is why those taking on Speech and Language Therapist jobs play such a vital role in our healthcare system and we want to say a big thank you!

So what is it that makes Irish SLTs so tip-top in our eyes? Maybe it’s because they are Dysphagia trained Speech and Language Therapists at degree level, as well as receiving a higher level of training throughout their time at university. We can’t help but notice how professional and enthusiastic the SLTs we work with in Ireland are! Their up-front, loyal and hard-working attitude is exactly what we strive to find here at Your World Healthcare.

So, Irish SLTs, we ask you to never change – keep telling us exactly what you need and want from our service and we’ll continue to provide you with high-quality SLT jobs from an agency that cares!

Your World is proud to be a part of the 30th World Congress of the I.A.L.P from 21-25 August 2016 in Co Dublin! We can be found on stand 27, ready to meet Speech and Language professionals and explain how we can help their careers.

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