What's frustrating about being a dietitian?

By Rachel Lamb . 26/03/2019 · 3 Minute read

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The role of a dietitian can be extremely gratifying; they play an active part in helping people reach their diet goals. Whether it’s through weight loss, weight gain, working with food intolerance etc., Dietitians have the incredible opportunity to watch patients progress and improve their quality of life.

But rewarding though it may be, dietetics is not exempt from occupational frustrations. How many of these have you experienced? (6 or more and you’re officially a dietetics veteran!)

People get you confused with a nutritionist

Not the same | Offended GIF

Nutritionist vs dietitian: let’s compare the two.

Anyone can claim to be a nutritionist, but becoming a dietitian takes years of intensive training, a HCPC registration and strict adherence with the British Dietetic Association’s regulations. Dietitian jobs involve more than just promoting a healthy diet – they help with medical conditions and mental wellbeing too.

No one knows how to spell your job title: ‘dietitian or dietician?’

It's simple | That 70s Show GIF

Let’s get one thing straight; if we’re going to be friends, you need to learn the correct way of spelling dietitian. That’s D-I-E-T-I-T-I-A-N!

That is all.

When people jump on the latest diet trend and think they know more than you

You think you know but you have no idea | Pharrell GIF

*Note to self* Breathe, this current fad shall pass.

Don’t confuse your 10-minute YouTube video with my hours of lectures, late night studying and long days on placement.

Now, tell me again how you’re planning to live on a diet of baby food.

People saying fruit has too much sugar

Rolling eyes | Fed up GIF

…but magically forgetting about the dozen cocktails they had last Friday night.

Sugar-free diets might be all the rage these days but the fruit in sugar is good for you. Don’t confuse refined sugars with natural ones.

Social media pushing unrealistic expectations

Social media channels | Parks and Recreation GIF

Social media is great for sharing advice and connecting with people, but it also has a dark side. It can promote unrealistic results, fad diets and encourage you to eliminate essential food groups. Influencers are paid to promote products, but in some cases aren’t even using them, leaving people to choose a ‘magic weight-loss coffee’ over a nutritional diet.

“My weight hasn’t changed” when they didn’t follow the plan

Suspicious | Fry GIF

A dietitian’s diet plan is carefully calculated around each patient’s individual goals, using precise research and knowledge – if results aren’t showing, it’s because the program isn’t being followed.

Being criticized every time you eat something remotely ‘unhealthy’!

Eating donut | Stuffing face GIF

Dietitians are people too, so please let me enjoy my donut in peace! All things in moderation and all that.

Working overtime because your friends and family want advice

Question GIF

It’s better than asking Google or Cosmo though, right?

Carbs, sugar and fat are not ‘bad for you’

Just eat the food GIF

A balanced diet DOES NOT eliminate one food group completely. Our bodies are designed to function around a wide range of foods, including carbohydrates, sugars and fats.

Who keeps coming up with these fads!?

You’re expected to be the poster-child for health and beauty

Don't judge me GIF

You can be a dietitian and still have your own health issues. You can be a dietitian and not look like a model. You can be a dietitian and enjoy ice cream from time to time. You can be a dietitian and have a bad skin day.

Rant over.

Join in on the conversation; share the article on social media and comment with what things really grind your gears!

If you’re looking for dietitian jobs in the UK, get in touch with our brilliant Dietetics Team on 02037515867.

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