What I Wish I Knew Before Coming to the UK

By Rachel Lamb . 29/04/2016 · 5 Minute read

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Your World Healthcare asked Claudia Costa, our locum turned International Recruiter, about what she wishes she’d have known before coming to work in the United Kingdom.

Relocating to a new country is quite daunting. The only thing you know for sure is that it will be an adventure. As a healthcare professional coming to the UK I was excited, nervous, anxious… you name it! Looking back, what I wouldn’t give to know what I know now! As soon as I arrived, I realised there was some important information that would have made all the difference to my experience…

What is a recruitment agency and what do they do?

A recruitment agency works with employers and people looking for jobs, acting as the ‘middle man’. They find out what jobs employers want to fill and source the right candidate for their needs. Recruitment agencies often help candidates from other countries immigrate to the UK, providing them with information on the cultural changes and helping them start a new life in a new country. Your World’s services are free to healthcare professionals, but you may be charged for any extras you need for your role such as uniforms, training or a DBS certificate etc.

One very important thing to keep in mind is that registering with a recruitment agency does not guarantee you a job. Your consultant will contact you when a suitable position comes up!

So what should you expect from your recruitment agency?

There are many ways in which your recruitment consultant will help you when moving to the UK but it’s important to know where their help starts and where it ends.

When I moved to the UK, I thought my consultants would do everything for me, including finding me somewhere to live and picking me up from the airport. I was shocked to discover that this is not how recruitment agencies in the UK work. They will:

  • Speak to candidates and find out what work they want
  • Offer CV advice and how to make it attractive to employers
  • Help to arrange flights and travel to work
  • Assistance arranging accommodation
  • Help to practise for interviews
  • Supply information on setting up a UK bank account
  • Provide reporting instructions (who should workers report to on their first day of work)
  • Advise on appropriate clothing (work uniform/smart dress for interviews etc.)

Your recruitment consultant can only advise on these things and will not do anything on your behalf. They will not:

  • Sign any contracts for you
  • Set up your bank account
  • Pay for your travel
  • Pay for your accommodation (hotel/rent etc.)
  • Organise airport transfers
  • Pay for document translations

What does ‘smart dress’ mean?

When coming to the UK for work, you will be expected to attend interviews. For interviews in this country, all employers want candidates to look smart. Different countries have different ideas of this word. In the UK it means…

For Women:

healthcare jobs, healthcare recruitment, jobs for women

For Men:

male healthcare jobs, healthcare recruitment, locum healthcare

What does 'framework approved agency' mean?

Your World is a ‘framework approved agency’. This means we strictly follow certain regulations for recruiting to the NHS and private sector, set out by organisations who aim to promote best practice. Working with a framework approved agency ensures that you receive the best service possible and your consultants only sources high quality, reliable jobs. As a framework approved agency (one of the few on all major frameworks), Your World works closely with the NHS as a preferred supplier. 

How important is the Candidate Handbook?

When you register with Your World Healthcare, you will be given a Candidate Handbook. This book is like your recruitment bible; it contains all of the information you will need for working as a healthcare professional in the UK. When you receive your handbook, make sure to keep it safe so you can refer to it later. The handbook includes information on:

  • Payment and timesheets
  • Right to work in the UK
  • DBS and ID checks
  • Criminal convictions
  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • Fitness to practice
  • Training and professional development
  • What you need to know before working
  • What you need to whilst working
  • Our code of conduct

…plus lots of extra guidance on everything about working with Your World. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, you can always call Your World on 020 7220 0811 or email your consultant directly.

Bring original copies (or certified copies) of all required documents with you!

We always need to see ORIGINAL COPIES of any documentation asked for. This could be:

  • Valid Passport
  • Degree/qualification certificates
  • Valid UK driving licence
  • Birth certificate
  • DBS (previously CRB)
  • Visa
  • Any identification documents
  • Marriage certificate
  • Adoption certificate

Remember that any documentation will need to be translated into English. If you do not have this before coming to the UK, Your World can arrange translations for an additional charge.

Make sure you have all applicable documents up to date and don’t leave for the UK without them!

So now you know everything I wish I knew before I started working in the UK - hopefully this information will be useful before you start your journey. Good luck and we look forward to welcoming you! 

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