We’re debunking 5 myths about going to your optician

By Rachel Lamb . 23/03/2018 · 3 Minute read

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“They’ll try to sell me glasses, even if my sight is fine…”

Opticians are responsible for helping to keep your sight in optimum condition. Any respectable optician will never tell you that you need glasses or contact lenses when you don’t – it completely goes against their training (which took years of hard work to complete).

On occasion, an optometrist may advise you that your sight needs to be watched (ha) over the years but find no reasons to prescribe lenses yet.


“I don’t need to visit the optician if my sight is perfectly fine.”

Congratulations to you if you have great vision! It’s easy to think you don’t need to visit an optician if you can see just fine, but that’s like saying you don’t need to see the dentist because your teeth look normal. It’s important to book an eye exam every couple of years so that the optometrist can spot any potential vision problems.

Most vision issues will progress slowly, starting in one eye first. By the time you actually notice the problem, you may have caused significant damage to your eyes. Don’t forget that optometrist jobs aren’t only to check your vision but also your overall eye health, which can help detect other conditions - we’re talking the diagnosis of potential high blood pressure, diabetes, glaucoma etc.


“My child can’t have their eyes tested if they can’t read the chart, right?”

Actually, your child can have their eyes tested for free, courtesy of our amazing NHS! Don’t panic if they’re not at reading level yet because there are plenty of other ways to test their sight and eye health without needing letters at all.

Make sure you look into getting your child’s eyes checked regularly – they may not be aware that they’re struggling to see properly.


“The optician is going to judge me if I give the wrong answers.”

Don’t worry, this is one test you can’t get wrong! Many elements are objective and your answers won’t affect the results. However, the questions you’re asked (e.g. being asked which side is clearer) will be sorted using a ‘bracketing’ technique, which means that if you’re not sure about a couple of things, a clear result can still be recorded.


“Wearing glasses will make my eyesight worse in the long run, won’t it?”

Your lenses have been prescribed to help your eyes feel more comfortable and to improve your vision. Wearing them regularly is nothing to worry about; your eyes will not worsen because of the lenses. However, many other factors, such as general ageing, could cause your eyes to weaken over time, which may mean your lenses need to be altered to a stronger prescription.


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