Today’s World Social Work Day: Let’s pay tribute where it’s due

By Rachel Lamb . 18/11/2015 · 1 Minute read

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Today, all of the International Federation of Social Workers' (IFSW) hundreds of member countries are celebrating social workers' contribution to society, and using the opportunity to advocate common messages to their governments.

To mark World Social Work Day with the theme of “Promoting the dignity and worth of peoples”, it is time to rethink what social protection means, and how it can be reshaped to enable the dignity and worth of all.

For social workers, the starting points are family and community structures. These have enabled people to survive against incalculable challenges throughout history. They need to be recognised as the foundation upon which all other aspects of social protection should be built.

Today we pay homage as to our social workers in the UK and across the globe who are a key component of our healthcare family.

Please be sure to read this article from the Guardian below, which pulls a section from the IFSW Secretary-General’s speech that will be delivered on WSWD at the UN Aids: Rethinking Social Protection as a Platform for Dignity, Rights and Empowerment

Have you got a message to share about the difference social work has made to your life?

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