These 5 Tips Will Help You Get a Job in the United Kingdom

By Rachel Lamb . 15/11/2016 · 2 Minute read

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If you're looking for a nursing job in the UK, make sure you follow these essential tips from our leading international recruitment team! 

1. Do not pay a fee to an agent

Healthcare recruitment agencies should never charge you a fee for finding nursing jobs. Responsible agencies, like Your World Healthcare, will be paid by the client (your employer). You may need to pay for certain things to help you work, such as your visa and NMC registration, but these are mandatory charges, which we do not profit from.

2. Book your IELTS exam as soon as possible

Your International English Language Testing System (UKVI IELTS Academic) exam must be passed with a score of 7.0 in Reading, Listening and Speaking, and 6.5 in Writing, in order to work in UK healthcare. We must make sure your English proficiency is of a good level so you won’t struggle to communicate with patients and colleagues.
Book your exam as soon as possible before you come to the United Kingdom. The sooner you pass, the sooner we can find you work.

3. Apply for your NMC registration as soon as you have booked your IELTS exam

The NMC process takes 6 months to complete. Applying for it when you book your UKVI IELTS exam will ensure that you’re not waiting months between passing your exam and completing your NMC registration. 

4. Don’t be without your loved ones

Relocating doesn’t mean you can never be with your family and loved ones. 6 months after you’ve relocated, you can apply for a spousal VISA and bring your spouse/children over with you. We highly recommend not bringing your family to the UK until AFTER you have passed the OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination). Please note that most employers will not pay for your family's visas, travel or accommodation.

5. Contact a reliable recruitment agency

Your World Healthcare has more than 10 years in the industry so we know what it takes to start a new career in the UK. Our nurse jobs are some of the best in the country and our team can assist with finding work to suit your needs.

Contact our International Team today on 020 7220 0811 to find out more about Your World International's UK nursing opportunities! 


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