The Wonder of Breastfeeding

By Rachel Lamb . 02/08/2017 · 3 Minute read

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Breastfeeding is truly amazing. It’s one of the most natural things a living being can do and without having to add anything to it, the milk is perfect just the way it is, providing a baby with everything they need.

What’s more is there aren’t any special storage instructions and it’s very easily portable!

We have the privilege of working with midwives, who get to witness the miracle of child birth and assist women as they take their first steps into motherhood.

We caught up with Amy, a midwife who has recently become a mummy for the first time, to ask her thoughts on breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding from a Midwife’s Point of View

It's so amazing to watch a baby latch onto their mother’s breast during their first hour of life - it's instinctive to them and one of the most wonderful things to witness!

Breast milk gives a baby the best start. The colostrum that is produced has many antibodies and antimicrobials, which are used to fight infections. It’s very concentrated so fills a baby's tiny tummy quickly and metabolises fast too, helping baby to pass its first poo. It also lines their stomach and sets up their digestive system for life, reducing the risk of diabetes and obesity!

Breastfeeding is good for a baby's growth as the milk components change depending on what the baby needs at that time. Also, as breastfed babies are fed on demand, they get what they need when they need it. For instance, if they have a growth spurt they will feed more, rather than wait another two hours for their next feed.

In addition to the benefits breastfeeding has for a baby, studies have shown there are benefits for the mother too. It can reduce the risk of certain cancers, such as cervical and breast cancer and reduces a mother’s chance of getting arthritis. Not only this, breastfeeding can burn around 400 calories a day and reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Breastfeeding as a New Mummy!

As a mother, breastfeeding is incredible. It has helped me to bond with my baby, knowing that my body is making and giving him everything that he needs to survive and grow into a healthy little boy.

I love how he holds onto me knowing that only I can give him what he needs and be able to comfort him in such a way. It reassures me that he is happy and I'm doing a good job.

We didn't have the easiest start, but we got through it and now it makes life so much easier. I love that I don't have to plan ahead- if I'm going out, I can just whip it out!

Are you a new mother or midwife (or both)? Tell us about your experience with breastfeeding in the comments below.

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