Succeeding With Search – A Webinar by Industry Leaders

Rachel Lamb . 18/11/2015 · 1 Minute read

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Last week, Your World Healthcare were delighted to be approached by Recruiter to take part in a webinar event about quality and ability in job searching.

The webinar took place on Thursday 5th March with an audience of over 340 people, including over 35% of that figure attending the event live. Hosted by Recruiter Editor DeeDee Doke, the webinar was presented by speakers of three different companies:

  • Your World Healthcare, presented by Group Commercial Director, Greg Wood
  • Indeed, presented by UK Sales Director, Colin Bohanna
  • Meridian Business Support, presented by Head of Marketing & Digital Media, Jo Lee

The overview of the webinar has been summarised by Recruiter as below:

“If you asked every candidate how they found your job posting, why they clicked it, and what influenced their decision to apply -- what would they tell you?

The answers reveal what attracts high quality candidates to your jobs and what separates average online recruiting results from great.

Join our panellists as we share a wealth of data and expertise on how people search for your jobs and key drivers for reaching the best talent with your search recruiting strategy:

  • What influences users to apply to your jobs
  • Three job search conversions to optimise for better candidate quality
  • The art and science behind great job content”

Greg Wood, our speaker for the event commented: “It was brilliant to share our insight and to learn the approach of both Indeed and Meridian Business Support. We have been frequently involved with Recruiter so it was an absolute pleasure to take part in this webinar event. Hopefully it was beneficial for all that participated”

To view the webinar in its full, please register via this link: Register

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