Struggling to Stay Awake at Work? Wake Up with This Simple Solution...

By Rachel Lamb . 07/02/2017 · 2 Minute read

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Working long shifts can really take it out of you. You’re on your feet all day, running backwards and forwards, dealing with patients and just about fitting in time for a bathroom break. It’s exhausting. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to improve your energy levels and avoid ‘zombie mode’ when your body starts to tire.

Drink water all day

Coffee may seem like the life-fuel you just can’t live without but, in actual fact, water is more likely to keep you feeling alive and alert throughout the day. When your body is properly hydrated, it can do amazing things. You’ll see your ability to concentrate vastly increase and your mood improve significantly (not to mention the physical benefits such as better skin and easier weight loss). Aim for 2-3 litres of water a day where possible.

Avoid sugary foods

Your diet has a major part to play in your energy levels. High-sugar products may seem like a great idea for a quick boost but you will very quickly realise that your sugar-high brings you crashing down. Eat as many good, natural foods as possible throughout the day for a sustained level of energy. Why not check out some of our quick and healthy recipes for healthcare workers on the go?

Stop Snoozing

Studies show that people who use the snooze button on their alarm each morning are more likely to feel tired at work. Set an alarm and put your alarm clock/phone out of reach so you are forced out of bed to switch it off. Once you’re out of bed, you may as well stay out!

Smile More

You may be dealing with more patients than you have fingers and toes but don’t let stress get the better of you. If you have a bad mood hanging over you like a dark cloud, take a minute and start smiling to yourself (even if you need to really force it). Studies suggest that when we smile, our bodies release ‘happy hormones’ that improve our mood and give us more energy.

Don’t Settle for the Wrong Job

If you’re feeling irritable and low in energy every day, maybe it’s time for a new healthcare job! Your World has multiple healthcare jobs in the UK available across a range of specialties, including nurse jobs, doctor jobs, SLT jobs, OT positions, Physiotherapy roles, Pharmacy jobs and more. Contact us today on 020 7220 0811 today! 

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