Paul D'Silva - The Importance of Language Proficiency

By Rachel Lamb . 15/11/2015 · 2 Minute read

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As a Senior Specialist Radiography Recruiter here at Your World Healthcare, I understand the importance of good communication skills. My job revolves around it after all. I can’t stress enough how improved your quality of life can be over in the UK when you have a strong grasp of the English language, particularly in medical terms when it comes to working in healthcare.

Below I have highlighted the importance of language proficiency and how you can go about improving your language skills here with Your World Healthcare… 

It is becoming more and more important that, when coming to work in the UK, all healthcare professionals have a conversational level of English.  There is a visible increase in the urgency of this requirement: all staff who are involved in delivering NHS services should show an English proficiency that enables them to undertake their role effectively and safely

There is no specific regulation as of yet regarding language controls for European healthcare professionals practising in the UK, but a B2 level  - Independent User; is advised, especially nowadays when the core of the NHS is centred on its commitment to Patient's care and mental and physical wellbeing.

Discussions have started regarding the plausibility of language competency checks before granting registration. Currently the only thing stopping healthcare workers is the No Borders EU legislation, however, some healthcare organisations are already requesting a form of language competency check.

At Your World, we will be working with regulatory bodies and competent authorities to develop workable solutions to ensure the new language standards on language proficiency are being met whilst ensuring we can continue to offer great opportunities to work in the UK to EU nationals, such as those from Portugal.

It is absolutely vital that any healthcare professional coming to work in the UK from the EU, make it a priority to improve their English language skills now. This will ensure that they meet the criteria for care proposed by the NHS Trusts and be able to come to the UK to earn excellent money and experience the UK to the fullest!

For tips on how to improve your English Language Skills visit:

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