Mustapha Muhammed: Marathon Man!

By Rachel Lamb . 16/11/2015 · 1 Minute read

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The London Marathon is a very gruelling for anyone. For the professional athletes, it is a test against their best timing, for amateurs, it can be simply a matter of completing the course!

Not all participants are equal though. People from all backgrounds, all shapes and sizes put themselves forward to compete in the most world-renowned marathon event every year. One of the most inspiring events on the day is, in fact, the wheelchair event. For Your World Healthcare, this years’ event was paid particular attention to due to a very special competitor of whom we are extremely proud to have sponsored.

Mustapha Muhammed is a wheelchair-bound professional racer who, from Coventry, came down to London to compete this year against the greats of the sport such as record winner David Weir and new champion Joshua George. Completing the marathon in just 2 hours 51 minutes, Mustapha gave a really good account for himself, finishing 42nd in his event and 52nd overall.

This was all the more impressive given that Mustapha had to battle on with punctures that he was able to repair. Donning a Your World custom designed sports shirt, Mustapha commented at his pride for not only finishing the event but doing so in such a striking timing.

Along with his Your World shirt, Mustapha also had his custom-built racing wheelchair geared up with sponsorship on it of the Olympia Wafula Foundation, a charity that Your World healthcare have been continuing to support since 2013 and one we hold very dearly.





We’d like to pass our congratulations to Mustapha again for his inspiring efforts and will be cheering him on again next year as he attempts to break his already spectacular result this year!

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