Message to Our EU Healthcare Workers: We Value You More Than You Know

By Rachel Lamb . 01/07/2016 · 1 Minute read

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Many of you have, no doubt, seen this image trending on social media this week. Political events over the past week have been momentous, to say the least, but we at Your World have a message for the 55,000 EU healthcare professionals who make a vital contribution to our NHS. Your skills, experience, contributions and energy are crucial in delivering patient care across the UK and we believe that politicians will understand the benefits you bring to the NHS, safeguarding your future careers and lives in the UK.

Your invaluable support is something that future leaders will never want to jeopardise and we trust our politicians will take a sensible approach in continuing to attract more EU healthcare workers to Britain. Our healthcare needs are only increasing so, now more than ever, we rely on your skills and experience!

You have our full support and we, as an organisation, want you to know how much we appreciate and value you as part of our workforce. 

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