Leeds Open Day - Taking Your World on Tour

Rachel Lamb . 15/11/2015 · 1 Minute read

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An Open Day from Your World with a twist, this special event on 13th June took place in Leeds as supposed to our usual spot in our London office. The latest opportunity gave our staff the chance to travel up to Leeds to liaise with some of their candidates further afield, offering them the opportunity to gain help from our staff with compliancy issues, receive training in Manual Handling and Basic Life Support, along with the chance to also discuss their career opportunities or any other work based issues.

Our working space for the Leeds event was the spacious and welcoming Radisson Blu, in a good central location making us easy to find for all candidates. Over 40 people attended and all who did were introduced to the staff onsite and given sandwiches, coffee, tea and biscuits throughout the day.

Our open days offer candidates the opportunity to:

  • Meet the team   
  • Discuss employment opportunities
  • Register with Your World
  • Update their personal file
  • Attend our Basic Life Support (BLS) and Manual Handling (MH) training sessions
  • See our Phlebotomist to give blood
  • Meet our Clinical Advisor
  • Receive an ID badge
  • Bring friends to register
  • Bring documents to complete their file
  • Complete online training

Many contracts and compliancy issues were also diagnosed and concluded, leaving all persons satisfied by the end of the event.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to all our candidates who came along and wish them all the best of luck continuing to work with us.

Another thank you goes out to our internal staff for also giving up one of their days off to improve their candidates.

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