Is Caffeine Really Fuelling Your Day?

By Rachel Lamb . 02/03/2017 · 2 Minute read

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Imagine there was a magical substance on the market that could get rid of fatigue, keep your brain awake, give you better hair and skin, help your joints and muscles, aid your digestive system, make your thoughts clearer, assist with weight loss, and keep you refreshed all day…

What if we told you that it does exist…and 70% of YOU is made from it? That’s right, we’re talking about glorious H2O.

Water is one of the most seriously underused (and yet the most essential) resources to humans. Studies show that only one in four people drink enough water every day, which means we have an army of dehydrated zombies wandering around, looking completely zonked.

In fact, further studies show that many people get through an entire day having only drunk coffee or other caffeinated drinks. Look, we’re all for a cuppa first thing in the morning, it smells great and tastes even greater, but relying on caffeine alone to get you through the day simply won’t work.

Did you know that water:

  • Will keep you feeling awake and alert much longer than caffeine
  • Can unclog your pores so your skin looks better
  • Prevents trick ‘hunger pangs’ because we can confuse thirst with hunger
  • Helps to prevent diseases, such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and heart disease
  • Aids weight loss because it helps to boost our metabolism

As Doctors, Nurses, Dietitians, Occupational Therapists, Pharmacists and other healthcare professionals, it is your responsibility to promote good health and lead by example. Try cutting down your caffeine intake each day and drinking water in its place! 

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