International Women’s Day 2023: 5 ways we’re empowering women in the workplace

Rachel Lamb . 08/03/2023 · 3 Minute read

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At Your World, we’re lucky to work with some truly incredible women. As an employer of more than 145 (44% of our employees) female team members in the UK and Ireland, we’ve made it our mission to ensure we’re always empowering women and promoting equality in the recruitment industry. 

So, what have we done to make this happen? Let’s take a look…

1. Equal pay

Did you know that according to the Office for National Statistics the gender pay gap in London has barely shifted since 1997? And men continue to earn significantly more than women in England. 

As part of our commitment to closing the gender pay gap, we ensure equal pay, regardless of gender. 

Women are a vital part of our team and deserve to be paid equally for the same role and hours worked as men.

2. Free period products

Another of our commitments is making sure women always feel safe and comfortable in the workplace. We now provide a basket of free period products in the women’s toilet, along with a selection of personal hygiene toiletries. 

If the basket is running low, our HR team will ensure it’s replenished and are always available for a discreet conversation about any additional products required.

3. Breast cancer awareness

We’ve added breast cancer awareness posters to our women’s toilets. The posters help women understand the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, and how to conduct regular checks on their own breasts. 

Find out how to complete your own breast checks 

In the past, we’ve also invited breast cancer survivors to our office to give seminars on what to look out for and the importance of regular checks.

4. Enhanced maternity & paternity leave

At Your World, we love the idea of supporting you with your growing family instead of making life more challenging. Our enhanced maternity package gives you more money and less stress whilst you settle into your new or expanded family life. 

So, let’s take a quick look at what the standard maternity package at most companies looks like:
Weeks 1-6: 90% of your average weekly earnings
Weeks 7-39: Standard rate as set by the government (currently £151.97 per week)
Now let’s take a look at what the enhanced maternity package at Your World looks like:
Weeks 1-6: 90% of your average weekly earnings, as calculated by SMP legislation, BUT no less than your contractual base salary
Weeks 7-19: Full contractual base salary (basic pay)
Weeks 20-32: 50% of contractual base salary (basic pay)
Weeks 33-39: Standard rate as set by the government (currently £151.97 per week)
In addition, we’ve also introduced an enhanced paternity package of two weeks at full basic pay. 
5. Menopause support

In a survey conducted by menopause support service, Peppy, 63% of women going through the menopause said their working life has been negatively affected by their symptoms. 

At Your World, we understand the challenges this journey may bring and our private healthcare provider can give plenty of support and advice on what to expect and how to cope. 

And, of course, our HR team is always at hand for a confidential chat!

Love the sound of working with us? Discover more about life at Your World and browse current vacancies on our careers site.

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