If you're a Biomedical Scientist, you're part of an elite group!

Rachel Lamb . 09/03/2018 · 2 Minute read

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Did you know that only 58.7 percent of biomedical science graduates are employed and only 22.5 percent are employed within healthcare?

That means for every 100 graduates, roughly 22 of them will follow their course with active BMS employment. Seems small, right? According to the Prospects website, one in ten biomedical science graduates take a healthcare job in the UK within nursing, not BMS.

So, if you're currently working within a biomedical science job, you are part of an elite group - be proud! 

British Science Week 2018

Why are we highlighting this fact to you?

Because this week is British Science Week! Spanning ten days (so not technically a week but we're willing to overlook it), this event celebrates the field of science and those that surround it, including technology, engineering and maths. 

Throughout Britain, schools and other educational institutions will plan seminars and fun activities to help promote the benefits of science and how it's impacting the world we live in.

Everything from space exploration to the deepest realms of our oceans could be covered, plus plenty of topics in between!

What can you do to get involved?

We'd love to hear all about your stories as a biomedical scientist. Whether it's how you made it through your studies, if you came to work in Britain from overseas, or how you landed your first job in biomedical science. 

Send your story to [email protected] and we'll post as many as possible across the Your World Healthcare Facebook page

You can also find a whole bunch of activities and resources on the British Science Week website.

Looking for a new role in Biomedical Science?

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