#Hellomynameis...: A Tribute to Dr Kate Granger

Rachel Lamb . 03/08/2016 · 2 Minute read

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In 2013, geriatrician, Dr Kate Granger, was told that her cancer had spread in a way that left her feeling confused and dehumanised. Not only was she facing the likely prospect of her own death but the doctor breaking the news simply told her the results without introducing himself or even looking her in the eye. Kate recalled:

He came into my room, he sat down in the chair next to me and looked away from me. Without any warning or asking if I wanted anyone with me he just said, “Your cancer has spread”. He then could not leave the room quick enough and I was left in deep psychological distress. I never saw him again. I am a little bit psychologically scarred by that experience.’

Frustrated and emotionally distressed, Kate decided that, with her husband Chris’ help, she would start a campaign called ‘Hello My Name Is...’ that would acknowledge the need for healthcare professionals to perform the most basic necessity – introduce themselves to patients.

The campaign was started in 2013 and has since gained the attention and support of over 400,000 Doctors, Nurses and healthcare professionals across the NHS. Thousands of patients are now receiving a better quality of care and made to feel like people during consultation and testing; all because of a simple campaign for introductions. Dr Granger was actively involved with multiple charity events and spoke at numerous health conferences, having also written two books of which the proceeds were donated to charity. Kate successfully raised over £250,000 for the Yorkshire Cancer Centre.

After a long and relentless battle, Dr Kate Granger passed away peacefully on July 23rd 2016 at St Gemma’s Hospice in Leeds, surrounded by her friends and family.

The team at Your World would like to show our tribute to Dr Granger for her bravery and perseverance in making a difference to patient care within the NHS. Many of our candidates support the cause and will continue to do so, as will we as an agency.

For more information on ‘Hello My Name Is…’, please visit http://hellomynameis.org.uk/home, where you can show your support and purchase campaign merchandise. 

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