Healthscare Recruitment at its Spookiest!

By Rachel Lamb . 31/10/2016 · 1 Minute read

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On Friday our Head Office played dress up for the scariest day of the year, Halloween! In place of the usual sales and back-office staff that come to work every day, we had fairies, skeletons, vampires, jesters, pumpkins and the Mario Brothers show up!

We even had more than one Spiderman, which we thought might cause an issue but thankfully, Donald Trump turned up to make Your World’s Halloween great again! (see what we did there?)

Everyone made a terrific effort with their costumes, especially our Assistant Clinical Governance Manager, Rachel Whitehead, who scooped first prize for her creative pregnancy costume. You’ll catch Rachel sat at the front of our group photo (hint: she has bloodied arms and legs sprouting from her baby bump…gross!)

The day also consisted of a mummy-wrap race and a donut-eating competition as well as plenty of sweets to keep everyone’s energy up; maybe a few plastic spiders too…it wouldn’t be Halloween without treats and tricks.

We all had a fantastic day and can’t wait for next year! Happy Halloween! 

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Recruitment agency jobs in London - Halloween game ideas

Halloween game ideas - donut games - recruitment agencies in London

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