Have You Tried These Fun Easter Ideas for Your Shift?

Rachel Lamb . 13/04/2017 · 2 Minute read

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Have you been scheduled to work this Easter weekend? For most of us, working any type of holiday is something to dread. We watch all our friends and family prepare and get excited for extra time off, then see all their lovely photos afterwards- meanwhile you’re hard at work!

Your World wants to show you that even though working may not be your ideal way of celebrating Easter, you can still make it a very special time and have lots of fun.

Decorate the Ward

A simple way to brighten things up is to decorate the ward you work on. Why not hang some Easter bunting or add a couple of bunny toys to the reception desk? It will get you and your patients in the Easter spirit!


If you work on a children’s ward (or somewhere with big kids!), try putting on an Easter egg hunt. Alternatively, hide lots of mini chicks around the ward and have a chocolatey prize for whoever finds the most!

If your patients are of a more mature age, search online for printable Easter games (this is also something you and your colleagues can do on your breaks!). Again, you can incorporate a prize to get people motivated.

A game that’s nice and simple (and won’t take too much planning or preparation) is ‘guess how many Mini Eggs are in the jar’. The winner could either win the jar of eggs or a full-sized egg!


A cute alternative to chocolate eggs is to buy hollow plastic ones that you can fill yourself. Why not add a short message of encouragement for your patients and colleagues, or a joke to make them smile? You’ll enjoy writing them and they’ll be special to the people you give them to. 

Of course, you can always go down the more traditional route and bring in a hoard of chocolate eggs!

From all of us at Your World, we hope you have a fantastic Easter weekend. If you find yourself wishing you were somewhere else, hold onto the reasons why you chose your profession. The impact you have on your patients will last forever- an Easter egg will last five minutes! (However, if you do fancy a luxury egg, make sure you enter our competition below…)

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