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Rachel Lamb . 13/07/2016 · 2 Minute read

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At Your World, we are often asked why we cannot always accept DBS certificates that were issued by other agencies. The DBS is an integral part of compliance and, as an agency, we have to ensure that the correct check has been run and that you are compliant to work in a specific role across all of the frameworks and hospitals that we supply to.
A DBS certificate can be made transferable between agencies if the candidate is registered with the DBS Update Service. If a DBS is not registered with the Update Service, we will not be able to accept it and a new DBS will need to be applied for via Your World.
The Update Service is a government scheme that allows your DBS certificate to become portable between employers, thus saving time and money for both yourself and us. Once the DBS check has been run and a certificate is received, you have the option to join the Update Service within 19 days of the disclosure date. Joining the Update Service costs just £13.00 per year and allows both you and the agency you work for to check the status of your DBS online. You will need to renew your subscription to the update service annually as opposed to applying for a whole new certificate every year, which costs more money and can delay your ability to work as records may take time to come back. The update service acts as a live, up to date check, so if your records change after the disclosure is received, i.e. you receive a caution, conviction, reprimand or final warning, the update service will relay this information instantly.
If you are a member of the DBS Update Service, we require a copy of your current certificate, plus 2 current proofs of address. As the base of your disclosure, it is crucial that we view your certificate so we can ensure the correct level of check has been completed as well as checking for any cautions/convictions etc. on your records. Whilst the DBS Update Service provides a live online check, we still need to see a copy of the original document. 

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