Celebrating the LGBTQ+ community

By Rachel Lamb . 15/02/2023 · 4 Minute read

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February is LGBT+ History Month! From 1st to the 28th February, the UK celebrates its LGBT+ community and the contributions they make to our society. 

But what exactly is LGBT+? 

LGBT+ stands for: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender plus. As our society has progressed, so has the understanding that gender and sexuality is a spectrum, not simply something to be pigeonholed. In fact, this spectrum is so vast that we couldn’t possibly fit every part of it into the name (hence the ‘+’). 

The name has various versions, initially starting in the mid 1980s as simply ‘LGB’ (Lesbian Gay Bisexual) to provide an umbrella term for sexual identity. The name then evolved to ‘LGBT’ to include transgender rights. 

In 2023, the name has many variants, including LGBTQ+ and LGBTQIA+. These incorporate a Q, which acknowledges those who identify with being ‘queer’ or ‘questioning’, an I, which stands for ‘intersex’, and an A, which represents those who are ‘asexual’, ‘aromantic’, or ‘agender’. 

The plus sign has been added to the term to cover those who fall under the umbrella but whose identities are not accurately reflected in the LGBT acronym.

Why do we celebrate LGBT+ History Month?

LGBT+ History Month was initially founded in the USA in 1994, but has since been recognised by multiple countries around the world, including the UK, Canada, Hungary, Germany, Australia, Finland, Italy, and Cuba. 

To these countries, LGBT+ History Month is a way to promote equality. It’s recognition of everyone’s right to exist in a hate-free, tolerant society, where who you love or your gender identity shouldn’t be cause for discrimination. Above all, LGBT+ History Month is a celebration of our diversity as people and the journey we’ve taken for the acknowledgement of sexuality and gender rights. 

This year marks the 50th year of LGBT+ pride in the UK. Despite LGBT+ History Month taking place in February, the UK celebrates LGBT+ pride with multiple events throughout the year, so no matter the season, there’s always a way to celebrate being part of the LGBT+ community. 

What is this year’s LGBT+ History Month theme?

Each year, LGBT+ History Month focuses on a specific theme. This year’s theme is titled ‘behind the lens’ and highlights members of the LGBT+ community who contribute to film and cinema from behind the camera lens. 

So often, LGBT+ actors and members of the Hollywood elite are acknowledged for the work they do, but what about the faces behind the scenes? 

The ‘behind the lens’ theme actively highlights the work of LGBT+ Directors, Cinematographers, Screen Writers, Producers, Animators, Costume Designers, Make-up Artists, Special Effects Artists, Lighting Experts, Set Designers, Musicians, Choreographers, and more, who lend their artistic talents to film and cinema.

Here are some of the world’s most influential LGBT+ people in the film & cinema industry…

  • The Wachowskis (Director siblings for major motion pictures, including The Matrix and Cloud Atlas)
  • Ryan Murphy (Director, Writer and Producer. His work includes: Eat Pray Love, Dahmer, Glee, American Horror Story, Hollywood, The Watcher, The Politician, Nip/Tuck, and more.)
  • Cheryl Dunye (First black lesbian woman to direct a feature film)
  • Dee Rees (Director of films Pariah and Bessie, and Oscar nominee for Best Adapted Screenplay for Mudbound)
  • John Walters (One of the first openly gay Directors)
  • Lee Daniels (Co-creator of Empire TV series and Director of movie, Precious)

LGBT+ at Your World Healthcare

Your World is an equal opportunities employer and a hate-free environment. Our team is made up of incredible people from all walks of life, sexual orientations, and gender identities, working harmoniously and without fear of discrimination.  

We look forward to celebrating LGBT+ History Month in our offices and will continue on our educational journey for years to come. 

We’re hiring! Why not apply to join the Your World team today.

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