7 activities for when you're tired

By Rachel Lamb . 18/09/2017 · 3 Minute read

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It's no secret that working in healthcare is a tiring game. When it comes to having a day off, the thing at the forefront of your mind is sleep! However, there is nothing worse than feeling like you've wasted a day in bed.

So, what can you do on the days where you want to feel like you've achieved something, but don't have much energy to give?


 Yoga is great when you're too tired on your day off from healthcare

Yoga can help you both physically and mentally. It helps you to de-stress, unwind, tone-up and lose weight. Start your day with this and finish feeling ready to take on the world.

DIY spa

create your own spa at home with bath salts, bubble bath and candles

Get in some face masks, bath salts, scrubs, candles and perhaps some bubbly to create your own spa experience at home.You can enjoy this alone or with a friend/partner. If you've had a particularly tough week, you can always treat yourself to a proper spa day or even a simple pedicure as a cheaper option (guys, you will also love this too - promise!).


Create a home cinema if you're too tired to go out on your day off

You can either go out to a cinema or create one at home. To complete your home cinema experience, keep the curtains closed and bring in some popcorn or a tub of ice-cream (or both). You can even have a movie marathon: set yourself a challenge to get through a whole film collection with a friend!

Scenic drive

Take a scenic drive when you're not sure what to do with your day off

Going for a scenic drive is so therapeutic, especially if you have some good music playing at the same time. It's probably best not to do this if you're feeling super tired but if you're feeling alert, going for a drive is wonderful. You'll also love a ride if you're feeling stressed at the end of a shift. 


Reading is good for relaxing on your day off

Why not crack open a book? A book is extremely portable so bring one to your favourite spot, whether that's curled up on a cosy sofa, sat on a park bench where you can feed the ducks, at the beach or even in the bath. 

Home projects

Home improvement ideas for your day off

We've all seen something and thought to ourselves 'I must give that a try' - do that thing! It might be a D.I.Y project for your home (find some great ideas on this Buzzfeed article) or maybe something as simple as colouring or drawing. Just put some music on and zone out; you will find a home project so therapeutic. You'll hopefully have something beautiful to look back on.

Coffee Date

Coffee and hot drinks are the perfect way to catch up with friends in a relaxing environment

Indulge in a coffee or your hot drink of choice with a friend or family member. You can plan your coffee date in the comfort of your own home or perhaps in a cafe somewhere nearby. Try stepping things up a notch with an afternoon tea! 

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