5 Reasons Why Halloween is an Anti-Climax for Doctors and Nurses

By Rachel Lamb . 03/10/2016 · 2 Minute read

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Halloween is just around the corner and shop windows are already putting up their cobwebs, jack O’ lanterns and witches’ brooms. But for most Doctors and Nurses, Halloween just doesn’t have that gross, shocking element that so many people thrive from on October 31st. So what is it about working in hospitals that eliminates the fear-factor? 

The Costumes Aren't Ideal

Okay, dressing up is great and everything but would you really get excited about a day of the year when a large portion of the general public decides to wear a slightly warped version of your everyday work uniform? 


Nurse Halloween costume - Halloween nurse costume - nurse outfit


They See Blood and Guts All Year Round

Halloween is all about feeling scared, and what’s scarier than blood, right? The thing is, Doctors and Nurses witness it on a day to day basis, all year round. What is really scary to a healthcare professional is another 18hour shift! 

Scrubs JD bloody hands gif - toodles gif - JD from scrubs


Zombie-Mode is a Regular Thing

Zombies are not just for Halloween when you work in a hospital. The days are long, the nights are hard and coffee is a sacred drink. Get on the wrong side of a tired nurse and they might actually bite your head off (okay, not literally). 

Tired zombie gif - hocus pocus gifs - billy zombie hocus pocus


Skeletons are Seen in Radiography

Forget skeletons hiding in the closet, hanging from the ceiling or lying down in plastic coffins – if a doctor or nurse needs to see someone’s insides, they simply pop down to the Radiography Department for some x-rays. Bones are just another day at work for some healthcare professionals! 

xray gif - radiography jobs - Jd from Scrubs


They Don't Need a Costume to Get Treats

Doctors and Nurses do such a great job that patients often want to reward them by sending in thank-you treats! And there’s no ultimatum involved, no tricks in sight – just a delicious, well-deserved box of chocolates! 

Thank you nurse - happy nurse - Phoebe from friends nurse

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