5 Reasons to 'Go Locum' Instead of Permanent

Rachel Lamb . 09/10/2017 · 3 Minute read

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If you’re constantly finding yourself stuck between the security of a permanent SLT role and the freedom of locum speech and language therapy jobs, here are five reasons why going locum trumps the main benefit of working perm…

You’ll get more experience

By working in multiple settings, Speech and Language Therapists can build up their CV and make more professional relationships along the way. Locum SLT jobs are more likely to provide better scope for opportunities, such as taking on new caseloads or building skills in specialist areas.

Your career (and your life) will be more flexible

With contracts ranging from one month to six months, you’ll find more time for the things that you love most. Maybe that’s learning to bake bread from scratch or perhaps it’s jetting off around the UK and Europe…your passions and your career can finally work hand-in-hand.

You can shrug off the stress

Stress, what stress? With an experienced SLT recruitment team working hard to make your career goals a reality, you can turn your attention to enjoying life and loving your work. Thinking of coming to the UK from overseas? No problem! Our team will gladly assist with setting up bank accounts, accommodation and anything else you might need in between.

You’ll find better balance

There’s more to life than working. We all know that, but not everyone has the luxury of really living to that mantra. Isn’t it time to find time for, well…more? Most locum contracts are 7.5 hours per day, giving you the freedom to hit the gym, make your kid’s school concert, do that cooking class, or simply go home and catch up on a bit of TV.

You’ll stay mindful

If you’ve never heard of ‘mindfulness’, it’s the process of noticing what is going on around us and putting us firmly in the present. In other words, taking us off of auto-pilot. Have you ever done a day’s work and then sort of wondered what you did all day? It’s a common trait of working perm and something that can be altered with regular mindful change, such as moving to a new environment or working with different colleagues. The result will be a happier, more proactive and charismatic you, which will most certainly benefit your patients.

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