4 Great Nursing Jobs that Aren't Hospital Based

By Rachel Lamb . 24/04/2019 · 5 Minute read

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Are you a qualified nurse or student nurse but feeling unsure about what area you'd like to work in? Lots of people assume that all nurses work in hospitals, but they couldn't be more wrong. Take a look at some of the fantastic nursing jobs available within healthcare that are not based within a hospital...

Prison Nursing

These are quite literally nurse jobs in prisons. Rather than dealing with members of the general public, Prison Nurses are specially trained to treat prison inmates.

Qualifications needed:

  • CTC Clearance (for CAT A prisons)
  • Prison Clearance (for CAT B & CAT C prisons)
  • PMVA or Restraint Training
  • NMC Registration
  • Mandatory Training

What should you know?

  • You will ideally be a registered nurse in adult, mental health or learning disabilities.
  • A high number of prison patients will require help for mental health issues and substance misuse.
  • This role will give you a unique opportunity to develop your skills and build relationships with patients.
  • Our sister company, HSS, is a leading supplier of prison nursing jobs in the UK. Find out more about how they can help you find a job in a prison setting.

Care Home Nursing

The fast-paced hospital environment might not be for you, but that doesn't mean your passion for nursing should take a back seat, right? Care home nursing could the perfect direction to take your nurse career in!

As a care home nurse, you will have the chance to work with a diverse range of patients, predominantly the elderly, attending to their wellbeing, personal hygiene and nutrition. At a more advanced level, a care home nurse job may require monitoring vital signs, drawing blood and administering medication. 

Qualifications needed:

  • Minimum of 6 months' proven experience in care home settings
  • Valid NMC PIN
  • 2 valid clinical references from a current and previous employer
  • Right to live and work in the UK
  • Peg & pump training and tracheotomy training desirable

What you should know:

  • To work in a care home, you must be extremely patient and friendly towards residents. 
  • Care home work requires assisting patients with their personal hygiene, which includes washing them and attending residents' visits to the toilet.
  • Despite being slower in pace than a hospital nursing job, care home nurse jobs are never boring. Care Home Nurses have the opportunity to work with a diverse range of people and build strong patient relationships.
  • Your World Healthcare has a dedicated Care Home Nursing Team that sources and recruits for the highest calibre care home jobs throughout the UK. Find out more.

Community Nursing

Community Nurses (or District Nurses) give a high standard of care to the local community outside of the hospital environment. Community nurse jobs can be based within patients' homes, GP surgeries or residential care homes.

Jobs in community nursing may have extremely varied shift patterns. Patients can include the elderly, physically disabled people and those with terminal illnesses. Many patients who have been discharged from hospital after treatment are often assigned a community nurse to provide follow-up assessments, treatment of wounds or assistance with managing medications.

Qualifications needed:

  • Previous NHS experience within the past 6 to 12 months
  • Right to live and work in the UK
  • Some sectors may require the following training: wound care, insulin care, medication, catheterisation, blood taking, pressure sore care/prevention, and infection control.

What you should know:

  • Community Nurses typically need a full UK driving licence and access to a car.
  • All Community Nurses must be Band 5 or above.
  • Community nurse jobs are the perfect way to experience several working environments and help patients within the comfort of their own homes.
  • Your World Healthcare supplies Community Nurses with roles throughout the UK. Find out more about the vacancies we have available today.

GP Surgeries

Nurses that work in GP surgeries are typically known as Practice Nurses and deliver important care within general practice. Practice nurse jobs offer an exciting and varied career as nurses within this field have the opportunity to work with patients of all ages and backgrounds.

Practice nurse duties might include taking blood pressure, carrying out ear syringing, applying dressings, giving cervical smear tests, performing immunisations, giving injections and public health work.

Qualifications needed:

  • Minor Injury / Minor Illness qualification
  • Prescribing qualification
  • Current DBS and right to work in the UK

What you should know:

  • No two days are ever the same in this role. With such a diverse range of patients and health issues in your remit, you'll never be bored.
  • Practice Nurses must possess a friendly, personable and understanding nature, so patients can feel truly comfortable explaining any problems to them.
  • One of the best things about practice nurse jobs is that you will often see the same patients regularly, which means you can build long-lasting patient relationships. 

To find out more about the nursing jobs available with Your World Healthcare, click here.

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