10 Easter eggs that perfectly describe healthcare workers

By Rachel Lamb . 23/03/2018 · 0 Minute read

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10 Easter eggs that perfectly describe healthcare workers

1. The Doctor's egg

Wait, what does that even say !? 

Doctor easter egg - what does that say?


2. The Dietitian's egg

Portion control, portion control, portion control...

Easter eggs for dietitians - portion control is everything!


3. The Nurse's egg

The more caffeine, the better! I'll have a double Creme-egg-a-ccino, please!

Easter eggs for nurses - coffee filled creme egg


4. The Radiographer's Egg

It's what's inside that counts, after all!

Easter eggs for radiographers - bunny ultrasound - chocolate x-ray


5. The Pharmacist's egg

In case of overdose, do not consult your scales...

easter eggs for pharmacists - mini eggs - prescription chocolate


6. The Biomedical Scientist's egg

Wait...that is chocolate, right? 

BMS chocolate - easter eggs for biomedical scientists, chocolate test tubes


7. The Cardiologist's egg

You can't say you didn't see this one coming...

chocolate heart for easter - cardiology easter eggs - chocolate organs


8. The Speech & Language Therapist's egg

SLTs say it with chocolate!

Easter ideas for speech and language therapy - SLT easter eggs


9. The Surgeon's egg

Give me 10 CC's of melted chocolate, STAT!

bunny operation for easter eggs - easter egg surgery - chocolate operation


10. The Optometrist's egg

Which is clearer, the left or right?

Optometry easter eggs perfect for an optometrist job

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