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Social Care Worker jobs & recruitment in Ireland

If you want to know what a Social Care Worker does, how much they earn, the job expectations, and where to find the best social care jobs in Ireland, this article will answer all of your questions. 

The role

A Social Care Worker is responsible for providing a wide range of people with both emotional and practical support. Working alongside a Social Worker or Case Manager, 

Social Care Professionals will help to provide a better quality of life to individual people or families by promoting their wellbeing. 

Individuals in this field are excellent communicators and can manage their time effectively. Working in social care requires you to work with a broad spectrum of people from all ages and backgrounds. They must, therefore, be patient, understanding and tolerant in order to improve the mental or physical wellbeing of those they work with.

Lots of Social Care Workers start out as care assistants or domiciliary care workers and then progress onto more senior roles or even service manager jobs.

Social care can be carried out in a wide range of settings, including hospitals, prisons, schools, patients’ own homes, day centres, and nursing homes. 

Skills & qualifications

To become a Social Care Worker in Ireland, candidates must complete a social work degree or social care course, which can be completed at a wide number of universities around the country. 

Social Care Workers face a challenging but rewarding role. Some of the personal traits and qualities expected from social care professionals include high levels of patience, kindness, understanding, tolerance, and resilience. 

Social Care Workers often have to think quickly in difficult situations, so the ability to think fast, communicate well, and make judgement calls are essential skills to have. Professionals in this field should also be able to follow strict framework guidelines in order to protect vulnerable adults and children.


Entry-level Social Care jobs come with an annual salary of roughly €34,000. Mid-level salaries start at around €40,000, and senior-level Social Care Professionals can earn an annual salary of up to €56,000. 

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