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The role

Making up the largest portion of HSE staff, Registered Nurses are a critical element of the healthcare system in Ireland. They provide round-the-clock acute care to both inpatients and outpatients using hospital healthcare services.

Unlike specialist Nurses, Acute Nurses are on the frontline of healthcare and must, therefore, be prepared for a diverse working life. Each day in the acute nursing world is different, which makes the role of Acute Nurses one of the hardest in the field. 

Their work can take them to a number of different hospital departments, including the Acute Medicine Unit (sometimes referred to as the Acute Medical Assessment Unit), Accident & Emergency (A&E), Neonatal Care, and Critical Care. The patients they care for have a wide range of medical conditions, including chronic illness, heart failure, stroke, infections, and serious injury. 

Acute Nurses often care for acutely ill patients with infectious diseases, so they must always be up-to-date on risk management protocol.

The daily responsibilities of an Acute Nurse include:

  • Completing patient assessments
  • Administering medications and giving injections
  • Creating patient care plans
  • Taking patient vital signs
  • Discussing treatment and/or medication with patients and their families
  • Using specialist equipment, including IVs, ventilators, and monitors
  • Monitoring patients for any changes in their conditions
  • Liaising with the wider healthcare team
  • Discharging patients from the hospital

Skills & qualifications

Acute Nurses have one of the most challenging roles in healthcare. The position takes a lot of energy, enthusiasm, passion, and resilience. 

Nurses must have excellent communication skills when dealing with patients, their loved ones, and other healthcare professionals. Because Acute Nurses work with people of all ages and backgrounds, they should be able to adjust their communication style to suit individual cases. 

They should be able to make quick judgment calls, especially in emergency situations. The ability to stay calm under pressure is, therefore, an essential skill. 

No day in acute nursing is ever the same, so Nurses working in this field should be prepared for the unexpected, capable of responding quickly, and able to problem solve.

As with any other nursing role, Acute Nurses must be kind, empathetic, friendly, and approachable, especially to patients and their loved ones. 

The role is considered one of the most challenging in healthcare, so emotional resilience is a key trait for any Acute Nurse.

To become an Acute Nurse in Ireland, candidates must complete an appropriate HSE-approved general nurse degree at one of many universities around the country. The duration of the programme is typically four years and incorporates both classroom learning and clinical practice at a university hospital. 

Additional training may be required to become a qualified Acute Care Nurse.

Once candidates have completed their degree, they must then register with the Nursing & Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI). This is the official Irish statutory body for Nurses and Midwives and allows Registered Nurses to work in acute care. 

Salary expectations

Acute Nurses working in Ireland can earn up to €48,233 per year, with entry-level positions starting at €38,142. 

Locum acute nursing jobs will typically pay higher rates than permanent HSE roles.

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