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Registered Children's Nurse specialise in the care of infants, children, and adolescents. They play a crucial role in promoting the health of young patients, administering medical treatments, and ensuring their well-being during hospital stays.

The role of Registered Children's Nurses in child healthcare

Registered Children's Nurses are equipped with specialist skills for treating young patients. Their expertise is particularly vital as younger patients can struggle to express their symptoms or pain as adults do. Registered Children's Nurses excel in interpreting these non-verbal cues and formulating effective care plans. They also maintain close communication with the families, providing them with updates and support throughout the treatment process.

Becoming a Registered Children's Nurse

To pursue a career as a Registered Children's Nurse in Ireland, candidates must obtain an NMBI-approved nursing degree. Following this, further training in paediatric care is necessary to become a fully-fledged Children's Nurse.

They also need to be fully registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI).

Diverse opportunities in paediatric nursing

Registered Children's Nurses can specialise in various areas, including:

  • General paediatric nursing: focusing on primary care for children with a range of medical conditions, ensuring their comfort and well-being
  • Paediatric intensive care nursing: specialising in critical care, aiding seriously ill children in intensive care units

The flexibility of locum Children's Nursing

If you’re seeking varied experiences and flexible schedules, locum paediatric nursing offers temporary positions in different healthcare environments, allowing exposure to various paediatric specialties.

Advantages of locum work

Being a locum Registered Children's Nurse provides:

  • Exposure to diverse healthcare settings and patient groups
  • Opportunities to enhance skills and knowledge
  • Greater control over work schedules

Registered Children's Nurse Salaries in Ireland

Salaries vary based on experience and location. However, the typical salary for a Paediatric Nurse in Ireland is around €44,850 per year. 

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