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Midwifery is a profession involving specialised training, dedicated to caring for expectant mothers during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postnatal phase. Midwives collaborate closely with the broader maternity team to deliver a safe, positive experience for both mothers and infants.

The integral role of Midwives in maternal healthcare

Midwives are critical in the maternity care team, offering expert advice and support throughout the journey of pregnancy. Their commitment to maternal and infant health fosters improved outcomes for both.

Key responsibilities of Midwives

Prenatal care:

  • Conducting regular check-ups to track the health of the mother and foetus

  • Performing medical evaluations, including vital signs, ultrasounds, and essential tests

  • Advising on nutrition, exercise, and wellness during pregnancy

Labour and birth:

  • Monitoring the labour progress and assessing mother and baby's health

  • Providing emotional support and pain relief methods

  • Aiding in natural childbirth, including various techniques and methods

  • Administering necessary medications and interventions within their practice range

Postpartum care:

  • Caring for the newborn, including health evaluations and assessments

  • Providing postpartum support to the mother, covering breastfeeding, emotional well-being, and recovery advice

Health education and counselling:

  • Educating families on childbirth, postpartum and infant care, and family planning

  • Discussing birth options, aiding mothers in making informed care decisions

Complication management and referrals:

  • Identifying complications, responding appropriately, and referring to specialists when needed

Documentation and record-keeping:

  • Keeping detailed records of prenatal, labour, birth, and postpartum care

  • Ensuring all legal and medical documentation is accurate and comprehensive

Continuing education:

  • Staying current with midwifery practices, guidelines, and research

  • Engaging in continuous training and professional development

Qualifications and skills for midwifery

Becoming a midwife in Ireland requires registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) and relevant qualifications. Key skills include excellent communication, empathy, problem-solving, and providing emotional support.

Diverse roles in midwifery

  • Labour and Delivery Midwives: focusing on childbirth, ensuring safe deliveries

  • Antenatal Midwives: specialising in prenatal care

  • Postnatal Midwives: providing care after birth, including breastfeeding and newborn care

  • Home Birth Midwives: supporting home childbirth, ensuring safety and expert care

Midwife Salary Expectations in Ireland

Salaries vary with experience, location, and setting. In Ireland, they are around €77,793 per year on average.

Flexibility with locum midwife jobs

Locum positions offer flexibility and diverse experience, often with higher rates.

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