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An HCA (Healthcare Assistant) works alongside other healthcare professionals, typically nurses, to assist them with any additional duties where they need a helping hand. 

Despite working with nurses most of the time, HCAs can also support doctors, midwives and a broad spectrum of other healthcare professionals. Their constant communication requirements make them perfect for putting patients at ease before a procedure, operation, test or consultation. 

The role

Healthcare assistant roles can be taken on either full-time or locum and in a variety of settings, such as GP surgeries, nursing homes, and healthcare centres. HCA jobs vary from place to place, but in a standard hospital setting, the responsibilities a healthcare assistant might carry out include:

  • Serving meals to patients and helping them eat if needed
  • Bathing/washing and dressing patients
  • Aiding with going to the toilet
  • Bed dressing
  • Keeping patients mobile
  • Communicating with patients and keeping them comfortable
  • Taking vital information from patients, including temperature, weight and pulse

Working as a healthcare assistant in a GP surgery may require:

  • Taking health checks
  • Processing lab samples
  • Taking blood samples
  • Sterilising equipment
  • Restocking consultation rooms
  • Promoting health
  • Putting patients at ease by communicating with them


Unlike many other professions in the medical world, HCA positions do not require a relevant undergraduate or postgraduate degree. Most employers in Ireland expect candidates to have a good grasp of maths and English spoken and written skills. 

To work as a health care assistant in Ireland, candidates must be studying towards a nursing career or have an appropriate FETAC level 5 or QQI qualification. They must also have full eligibility to work in Ireland and a complete vaccination record (including Hep B, TB, Varicella, and MMR shots).

Candidates will preferably have some experience within the industry prior to employment. Voluntary work or apprenticeships can be taken on to build up a CV before applying for healthcare assistant jobs.


Healthcare assistants may not need as many qualifications as doctors and nurses, but they do need specific skills that set them apart for the role. 

As they spend a lot of time communicating with patients and are often the first person a patient will encounter before consultations or tests, HCAs must be extremely friendly, caring, and kind, and comfortable providing hands-on patient care (toilet breaks, washing, feeding, etc.). 

Healthcare assistants must be excellent team players but also be able to organise their own workload, communicate efficiently and observe patients.


HCAs working in Ireland can expect to earn a salary of around €26,000 per year for a mid-experienced worker. Entry-level Healthcare Assistants will earn roughly €23,644, and more experienced professionals can earn up to €33,000. 

(Salaries accurate for 2022)

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