Here's Why the Travel Mags Love Our Overseas Opportunities...

By Rachel Lamb . 07/11/2016 · 2 Minute read

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Did you know that Your World has offices in some of the best cities in the world? We know this not only because we’ve been there and seen them for ourselves, but because two travel magazines (Group Leisure and Condé Nast Traveler) said so! 
Ireland was voted the ‘best destination in the world’ by readers of Group Leisure magazine and who can blame them? With its breath-taking landscapes, exciting history, story-book towns and insanely beautiful castles, Ireland is one country not to be missed. 
And did we mention the Irish people? You’ll rarely find nationals so welcoming, which is exactly why Dublin and Galway were named some of Condé Nast Traveler Magazine’s most welcoming cities. Amongst the other winners was Sydney, Australia (did we mention we have an office there too?). 
Louisa Moss, Divisional Manager of Your World Healthcare in Ireland said: ‘Ireland is not only a terrific place to live but also to work. We have some really great opportunities for overseas nurses to find jobs and you can be sure that the Irish people would give a warm welcome. ‘Our team are experts in sourcing healthcare jobs to suit our diverse range of candidates throughout some of the most beautiful areas of the country.’ 
And as for Sydney, well, it’s reputation speaks for itself but if you’re not sure what you can expect, think incredible beaches, beautiful architecture, exploration at its finest and exotic wildlife that makes Australia an unmissable working destination. It’s no wonder it ranked second for the most welcoming cities according to Condé Nast Traveler!
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Your World can offer you unrivalled healthcare opportunities overseas with the know-how of our expert Recruitment Professionals at your disposal. Contact our Ireland or Australian teams to find out more. 
Your journey with Your World starts here! 

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